A Job Well Done

Dr. Joshua Philbrick

Dr. Joshua Philbrick

“I recently had surgery on my right wrist to correct deformity caused by rheumatoid arthritis. At my initial consultation, Dr Philbrick recommended a plate for the back of my wrist, as well as a number of other procedures to correct problems with the wrist caused by rheumatoid arthritis attacking tendons, bones, etc.

I asked if there were any way other than inserting a plate, as I wanted to retain movement of my wrist. He said he would research it and discuss options in 2 weeks with me. When I came back in 2 weeks, he said he believed he could perform surgery that would retain some movement in my wrist but couldn’t guarantee it until the surgery was started and he could see more detail.

I had the surgery which took place under very light sedation(I was awake and spoke with the team during surgery). Not only did he save my wrist movement, but a tendon on my little finger which was believed to have been ruptured, was intact and just had its movement restricted.

To say I was pleased with the results, is an understatement. Surgery on the wrist for rheumatoid arthritis is not very common and I’m very happy that I found a surgeon that listened to me, took time to research the matter, and then had the skill to execute what I would assume to be a very difficult surgery.

Dr Philbrick has my highest recommendation.”

Patient George Tkachuk

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