Back on the Golf Course!

Christine-Giarrusso-Golf-Photo-TwoAs a nurse at Holy Family Hospital, Christine Giarrusso was familiar with the doctors at Essex Orthopaedics & Sports Therapy. So when it came time for her own surgeries, there was no question in her mind where she would turn.

“I knew how qualified the doctors at Essex Orthopaedics were,” said Christine, 69. “There were a lot of good orthopaedic surgeons in the area, so I had choices, but I knew the doctors at Essex Orthopaedics were not only top-notch, but also easy to talk to and compassionate, which is important.”

Christine became close with a number of the doctors at Essex Orthopaedics. She had her first hip replacement done by Dr. Hoerner in 2006. Dr. Arvidson performed her second hip replacement in 2009.  Then in 2013, Dr. Ergin performed bilateral total shoulder replacements. “I have a lot of faith in all those guys,” she said.

While Christine had a choice in doctors, she felt she had no choice but to do surgeries as her day-to-day activities were greatly impacted.  “Just blow drying my hair and putting on a coat were painful.” she said.

She had her first shoulder replacement on a Friday in May and was out of the hospital Saturday at noon.  Her second shoulder replacement took place in October of the same year, and she was playing golf, one of her favorite activities, in March.  Today, as a result of her multiple surgeries, she is not only golfing, but also taking care of a large house, enjoying her two grandchildren, ages six and nine, and working per diem at the hospital.  In other words, she is experiencing a much improved quality of life.

“I would highly recommend Essex Orthopaedics to anybody with orthopedic issues,” said Christine.

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