Succeeding at the Highest Level

Samantha JexakSamantha JezakAs a gymnast, Samantha Jezak of Windham is no stranger to injuries – large and small. Her knees and wrists take a lot of impact, but she credits Dr. Matthew Hawkins with allowing her to continue to compete – and at the highest levels.

“Dr. Hawkins helps me return to my full potential after injuries,” said Samantha. “He helps me be strong and recover from my injuries and just have fun. I like how he relates to you and he really listens to you explain your problems.”

Listening is particularly important, according to Samantha, as she did not just want to return to a “normal” life, but instead, to a life that includes competing at the highest levels of the sport of gymnastics. “He talked to me about my goals in recovery and really understood them,” she said of Dr. Hawkins. “I have basically referred my whole team here.”

Apparently Dr. Hawkins is doing a great job as Samantha is a three-time State Champion, a three-time Regional Qualifier and recently qualified for Eastern Nationals!

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Samantha’s Beam Routine

Samantha’s Bar Routine