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Kevin GraberKevin Graber has always been a “rub some dirt on it” kind of guy when it comes to injuries, toughing it out in hopes that it will just eventually feel better.

That all changed for Kevin, 45, when he broke his ankle, suffered ligament damage and was challenged with bone chips and spurs. As a former professional athlete, Kevin suffered with ankle injuries throughout his life. Still, he had apprehension about doing extensive surgeries.  He did his homework and found that Essex Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine had not only the expertise he was looking for, but also the personal touch. As a baseball coach at Phillips Academy Andover, Kevin was familiar with Essex Orthopaedics, the team doctors for the school, and he knew he would be in good hands.

“Dr. Ergin was very generous with his time and got to know me as a person and understand the goals I had for myself ,” said Kevin.  “He looked at what would be best for my lifestyle and then made a determination about surgery from there.”

Dr. Ergin performed bilateral ankle arthroscopies on Kevin, who then received physical therapy at the office’s Optima Sports Therapy.  He was more than pleased with the results.

Kevin-Graber-Photo-Three“Six weeks later I was running and playing tennis,” said Kevin.  He credits this to not only the surgery, but also the physical therapy he received thereafter at Optima Sports Therapy, part of the same practice.  “The quality of life for me after it was done was better than it was before, so while it’s never fun having surgery, done right as mine was, the positive impact cannot be overestimated.”

Today, not only does Kevin coach varsity baseball, but he also plays tennis, jogs and plays basketball, among other activities.  And he does so free of pain.

“As a coach and former professional baseball player, I’ve been around extremely accomplished orthopaedic surgeons, and the doctors at Essex Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine are several notches above anything I’ve experienced, even at the top level of sports. They’ve been life changers,” said Kevin.

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